Monday, 25 July 2011

Everyone's (that i could think of) theme tunes.

I picked these because the suit her/him not because the sound good or bad. Also there may be more than 1 tune for some ppl and a vid MIGHT sometimes be added.Finally some ppl might hav the same theme song (usually the ones who have 2).

Dragona tune and vid:

 lilith's tune:

NJ's tune :

Aquila's tune (sorry but 1s a bit about racing) :

Isabella's vid and tune (doesnt hav an ff so couldnt find a tune that suited her but I thought she'd like this tune and she said she liked hunting demons.) :

Krane's tunes (+vid)

Ayesha's tune (unsure of tune but she said she liked cars):

 Pyro's tunes :

Octa's tune(REALLY struggled finding a song/vid so i just pinched a random vid *shrugs* best i cud do):

Kallista's tune: (MORE trouble finding one,so i just put a song she liked up )


  1. Cool! Thanks Krane for the cool theme.

  2. OMG i have a theme song NICE
    i LOVE it :)
    Kewl Choice