Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Story 1(New FF btw)

Krane unpacked his equipment into the bomb shelter . He had trouble finding a reinforced steel apartment so he just got a small house with a bomb shelter instead (in case of an "accident" when he was sleeping and I don't mean pissing my pants BTW). It was a cosy building though. But he had to place his bed and some snacks in the bomb shelter .

He still wasn't used to Ireland , it wasn't too different from England but it had a feeling you could not shrug off . IN the corner off his eye he glimpsed a large black shape . He darted around quickly but say nothing . The shape was too large for a bird , too close for a plane , he inspected the area. There was a large alleyway in between a pair houses that Krane found suspicious . He slowly yet cautiously peeked over a large piece of rubble to see a female , dark haired black angel with a gun.
She pointed the gun at Krane's face  "Who are you!?" he face was red with exhaustion
Krane yawned and walked away. Someone else collided into Krane and they both went tumbling across the floor . Krane got up before the other guy . He was carrying a lot of knives and a gun which even Krane wanted  . When he got up the redness of his face showed , like the angels it was of exhaustion . He walked straight towards the angel
"I said the park not here!"he was struggling to shout without much energy left . Suddenly Krane realised something , the angel was from Sanctuary he remembered the time he was coming inside and she was by the Phil Lynott statue registering in .
"You're from Sanctuary aren't you?" He interupted an arguement the two were having and the both slowly turned there heads straight at Krane.
"Yes" she had regained a bit of energy and could talk a little bit more easily.
"I'm NJ and that idiot over there is Dragona Pine"Dragona swiftly jerked his head to the direction of NJ "Hey!"
"I'm Krane and I can see your having an arguement here so if there's a problem i'll go."
"There's a troll at the park . You see there's a small bridge in the park and the troll has taken it up as its home ."Krane went pale
"How the hell hasn't it been noticed!?"he was nervous in case someone HAD seen it
"It killed everyone that got close and we need to take it down . It'll only come out at midnight and we need to kill it while its powerful or it'll flee and be seen . If you want you can tag along but we only have 30 minutes till midnight!"Krane needed to pay a little debt to Sanctuary after he got fired for punching a Cleaver in the face because he thought he heard him quietly mock him. "I"m in." NJ pulled a face
"Where's your weapons?"Krane cracked his knuckles and Dragona knew.
"So you're the physical type."Krane gave a slight grin and the made of for the troll's bridge .

They arrived at the park 2 minutes before midnight and were waiting behind a group of trees a few meters east to it.....two minutes passed and cracking and inhuman screams of hate and pain echoed through the wind . The dared a look at the bridge and saw the troll charging out but oblivious to the intruders .
"I SMELL YOU , I FIND YOU , I KILL YOU!"It was sniffing at the air and pounding the ground.
NJ , Dragona and Krane darted out of there cover and started  charging towards the creature in unison . Dragona was armed with 2 knives , NJ was armed with a large sword and Krane was armed with hard punch . The troll reacted swiftly and started clambering towards the attackers whilst roaring . Krane leapt  further than any ordinary human and kicked the troll in its face , whilst the troll was dazed Dragona was slashing at its legs and NJ was lunging her sword into the trolls torso . The troll the regained orientation and batted the 3 away and started an attempt to flee by running in the opposite direction . The team of 3 then pursued the dangerous creature through the park . They had lost sight of it till a loud gun shot was heard . The continued running till the came to a woman with a handgun in her left hand standing triumphantly atop the troll who now had a large bullet hole in its forehead .
Dragona walked in front of the other 2
"Kallista I told you to stay at my home."he was obviously annoyed , but Kallista just grinned.
"I can't help it . There's a troll , I kill." she was being a bit smug and Dragona was still annoyed
"Calm down" she then jumped of the of the corpse and kissed Dragona . He obviously softened up"Well you did kill it." He looked back at Krane
"Krane this is my wife Kallista" He hadn't been paying much attention
"Can we go now?" he was obviously tired and bored.
"We'll give you a lift but you've got an Aston Martin or a porsche." NJ was a further back than Krane and he had to turn to see her
"I'll hitch a ride in the Martin"


  1. AWESOME! Cool!

    Like this fanfic better than your other one, no offense...

  2. Wow! This is fantstic Krane! I love it! Thanks for adding me to your awesome fanfic! I'm so happy! YAY!


  3. Love it!! Can't wait for more :)