Thursday, 21 July 2011

My OC at long last

Age: unknown (looks 23)

Appearance:Has well attended brown hair , preferably wears black , has pure blue eyes and takes what he wears seriously.

Preferred Clothing:(everything black) Fingerless batting gloves , short Trench coat(good for hiding weapons)sunglasses , over shirt and boots

Weapons : 2 knives , twin swords and a very big revolver

vehicle : black Ferrari 612 GTO

theme music + vid =

Personality: crotchety in the morning , energetic , determined , arrogant of advice and hates Mondays

Abilities : can create wings but it drains him of energy . Can summon dark opaque claws from his hands and feet which appear gaseous but are extremely hard and bladed . He can use his claws from his feet to grip onto slippery objects and give him extra grip when running to increase his speed . can fire black and red , gaseous energy. When sleeping , he wakes up in his own house with claw marks on his reinforced walls .

History : unknown

has no pets , is the only resident of his street and has no knowledge of his ancestry .

hunts whoever has answers , including his own kind.

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