Sunday, 9 October 2011

Chapter 3 : Training

14 years later

The hay - filled dummy tore into two pieces and its stuffing poured onto the floor as if it were blood and guts but no ... just hay .Krane turned round to gaze at his path of destruction on the training course , 8 dummies had been ripped to shreds by his two short swords and the hay covered the ground around his fallen , inanimate enemies .
"Good..." Garret give him a faint applause  , he stood alone behind the short wooden barricade that separated the spectators from the training soldiers.
"...But not great" He entered the training ground through the gate and grabbed one of the swords from his left - hand. Garret handled weapons as a master.
"You must twist as you strike."He demonstrated this technique on the closest dummy . It erupted as soon as the sword touched the lifeless dummy's stomach .
"Remember . one mistake against an opponent and your as lifeless as the dummies you have just slaughtered..."He returned Krane's sword.
"Class dismissed." He left .Krane grinned at that , he wasn't a class he was a single  student .

Krane had been training and learning with the 'Hunter Organisation' since he could remember . They trained those who knew the truth behind freaks and monsters .

The truth is... they're everywhere