Friday, 30 September 2011

Chapter 2 : A Child , A Survivor.(P.S all chapters now have a song that suits it best at the bottom)

Anders immediately started to burrow his way through all the rubble , frantically searching for the young child which was still sobbing with fear . He started calling to the other soldiers for assistance.
"SURVIVOR!"A small group of soldiers came to his side in seconds and assisted him in digging their claws in heavy rubble . A few minutes later the small group of soldiers had unearthed the child . It was a little boy . Despite the extremely heavy rubble and sharp edges of some objects the baby seemed perfectly unharmed.

Anders passed the child to Garret who had never handled a baby before . He found it easier to drew a sword to a beast than stop a small baby from dropping on its head . He gave a rare sight ... a smile . Krunch hated the child already and it showed on his miserable face .
"What do we do with him?"Krunch's voice sounded like a monster's not a man's.
"We test him." Garret lifted his view from the baby that was tugging on his short beard .
"When he's of age ...until then we'll take him back"
"...And if he hates us and is what we think he is?"
"We kill him ... which will be hard ."
"I don't like this." He folded his arms
"You like nothing except killing." His expression was quite disgusted.
"Don't tempt me." He raised a threatening finger .
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