Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Krane Farlin story 2

Draco: Your late
Krane: And you still smell
Draco:I smell funny so what ...your being nervous aren't you?
Krane:That smell is Holy Water isn't it?
Draco: Yeah its what I use in case of a Vampire attack.
Krane:You need saltwater for a Vampire attack...Hunter
Draco takes out a butcher knife
Draco:Your going to die today ...Demon
Krane: Really, I doubt it
Krane takes out his revolver and shoots Draco's knee ,forcing him to the ground.
Braicon enters the hall
Krane:Take him to the nearest cell

Krane: Braicon you said the hunters wouldn't even try to get in and what do you know they got in.
Braicon: If they got to you when you where in here your going to have to move to a more secure area and-
Krane:WAIT so you think someone is going to take ME in? I'm a Half Demon who is going to take one of those in?
Braicon: You'd be surprised.
Krane: Okay then who will take Half Demon in
Braicon:You've got a choice either Sanctuary or your own little thing like Mercenary , or Bounty Hunter or-
Krane: I get it
Krane: ALRIGHT! Ill sleep on it.

Krane knew the hunters were least likely to be a bother at Sanctuary so he chose to go to there.

The Administrator: Since we are still recovering from numerous attacks we appreciate you taking this time to come along.
Krane:Your welcome
The Administrator:Now your specialties are vision,strength and precision so you'll be good at investigating I'll say.
The Administrator : vision for clues and suspects,strength and precision for picking locks and-
Krane:Kicking ass?
The Administrator:Precisely.
Krane:I like


  1. great! it is awesome! and i love the last bit! cool lines! :D you're good at this stuff! :D